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The main goal of Using the Power of Technical Analysis to Profit in any Market is to provide individual investors with the tools to help you make money in the stock market while limiting your risk.

The course is pragmatic, not theoretical.

While geared towards investors with some knowledge about stock charts and their interpretation, the course will still start you off with a few of the basics of Technical Analysis. This will serve as a reminder to you old dogs in the game to see the forest rather than focus on each tree. Then it jumps right into finding, buying, selling and managing your stock portfolio. We’ll go deeper down the rabbit hole as the course progresses, but it will always be focused on what actually works for you as an individual investor. Again – pragmatic, not theoretical. More importantly, the system I teach is the result of over three decades of professionally trading stocks. This “school of hard-knocks” training has produced a systematic game plan that I know works.

And yet – Its geared towards retail investors (that’s YOU!) — not professional traders. So – again – its down to earth, pragmatic and systematic.

Course Curriculum

A brief outline of what you will learn about.

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43 Lessons
7 Hours of Video Content

"Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of this program is the final chapter where I put the lessons learned together as I describe a day when I was searching for new stock ideas. I present the exact observations and decisions made by ValueTrend at the end of October 2021 as the seasonal buy period came about. This involved macro market analysis, sector rotation analysis, stock selection ideas and final decisions made on that day. So, again, the course is NOT theoretical or academic. It is pragmatic. This is the strength of the course. It's real, made for real people like you, who face very real challenges in an ever changing investing environment."

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Get to know your instructor

Keith Richards, CMT, CIM

Keith Richards, Valutrend

Keith has been in the securities industry since 1990 . He is President and Chief Portfolio Manager ValueTrend Wealth Management. The company manages assets through a discretionary investment service for high-net-worth clients. Mr. Richards' articles and interviews appear regularly in the MoneySaver, along with Investors Digest, The Moneyletter, the Globe and Mail and other newspapers. His appearances on BNN Television have inspired producers to acknowledge him as "one of [our] most accurate technical analysts." Mr. Richards' books, SmartBounce: 3 Action Steps to Portfolio Recovery, Sideways: Using the Power of Technical Analysis to Profit in Uncertain Times, and his newest book Smart Money, Dumb Money: Beating the Crowd through Contrarian Investing are available in bookstores.

In his spare time, Keith enjoys his family life including a passion for their bullmastiff dogs. He has also been riding and racing bicycles for about 40 years, first on a mountain bike, then moving over to road bike racing and “Time Trialing”. Bike racing suits Keith’s personality, given the scientifically structured approach to training that any serious athlete needs to follow. Keith often compares an athlete's structured training to a structured investing strategy in his writings, including his popular Technical Analysis blog at www.valuetrend.ca.

Limit your risk, keep your money

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Sideways; Using the power of technical analysis to profit in uncertain times
Beating the crowd through contrarian investing
SmartBounce; 3 action steps to portfolio recovery


This course is considered an "Intermediate level" program. While it is presented in simple to understand concepts (something that instructor Keith Richards is known for doing) it will appeal to investors with at least a basic investment knowledge. While the course offers a primer in Technical Analysis, it is best if you have some experience and basic understanding in using stock charts.

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